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KAIRI, as an independent third party inspection agency that provides design review and inspection services, has been established to meet the increasing demand for domestic/international certification. KAIRI was founded by Korea Association of Machinery Industry (hereinafter referred to as KOAMI), a representative business association of the Korean machinery Industry. KOAMI has been making efforts to develop Korean machinery industry by providing technical and certification support. As a part of this effort, KOAMI has signed MOU with ASME for mutual cooperation, and established KAIRI in 2016.

KAIRI has signed a Contract of Management with KOAMI to ensure KAIRI’s independent operation about the inspection and inspection related businesses, ensuring the impartiality and independence of third party inspection agency.

In order for manufacturers in Korean machinery industry to go beyond the limits of its growth and to become a global leader, they shall strive to overcome the Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) which are de facto international standards, as well as endless effort to strengthen their product competitiveness. To overcome these TBTs, there is an increasing demand in the machinery industry centering on the plant equipment industry such as the power generation industry and the oil & gas industry, for the acquisition of the domestic/international certification and the organizations supporting the certification processes.

In order to meet these demands, KAIRI has established a management system based on ISO/IEC 17020 and has obtained Governmental Recognition Letter from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (hereinafter referred to as MOTIE) approving KAIRI as an inspection agency for the inspection and design review of industrial machinery including boiler & pressure vessels and plant equipment through the conformity assessment in October 2016. KAIRI also has been accredited as an inspection agency for used machinery imported to Vietnam in January 2017, ASME (Scope : Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Nuclear Equipment), KEPIC (Scope : Nuclear Mechanical Equipment), and KOLAS (Scope: Boiler, Pressure Vessel, Storage Tank, Metallic Material, Nuclear Equipment, and Power Plant Equipment). Korean machinery industry has been wishing Korean agency supporting the acquisition of certification that could better understand ‘what is the status of Korean machinery industry in, and what is needed for Korean machinery industry’. KAIRI will evolve as a world-class third party inspection agency that provides one-stop service about domestic/international certifications and inspection. risk management and design approval Thank you for the encouragement and support of member companies of Korean machinery industry.

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