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Who we are

KAIRI is a third-party inspection agency that can independently provide information and understanding on codes/standards, training, inspection, and certification services required by organizations in the industrial machinery and plant equipment. KAIRI is also able to issue its own certificates.

KAIRI has primary objective that supports to solve difficulties of Korean machinery manufacturers, especially small and medium-sized machinery manufacturers during the preparation and maintenance of certification such as design, test, and inspection including in-service inspection.

KAIRI is aiming at supporting domestic small and medium-sized machinery manufacturers to establish advanced quality system and to gain competitiveness in the world market based on broader understanding of domestic machinery manufacturers needs and circumstances. KAIRI will do our best.

Our Mission KAIRI prizes and prioritizes its impartiality and independence and carries out the following missions :

- Build and operation of the impartial and reliable systems for inspection services, design review,
- Contribution to development of machinery industry by providing practical and hands-on services,
- Endeavor to become a World-class inspection body with the best reliability and the most trust worthiness.


- 2017.11 Accredited as a KOLAS Authorized Inspection Agency
- 2017.06 Accredited as a KEPIC Authorized Inspection Agency
- 2017.04 Accredited as an ASME Authorized Inspection Agency
- 2017.01 Approved as an Inspection Body for used machinery and equipment
       imported to Vietnam by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Vietnam
- 2016.10 MOTIE issued recognition letter to KAIRI as third party inspection agency
- 2016.07 Establishment of KAIRI
- 2016.02 KOAMI Board of Directors approved plan for establishment of ASME AIA

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Add : 6F, 37, Eunhaeng-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 07238, Republic of Korea.     |     Tel : +82-2-369-7500    |     E-mail : kairi@kairi.co.kr
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