Cooperative Organization

KAIRI Co.,Ltd.

Korea Association of Machinery Industry (KOAMI)
Introduction As a parent company of KAIRI, Korea Association of Machinery Industry is a one of the leading machinery industry association of Korea for supporting member companies and other organization regarding machinery industry
Cooperation Supporting of the acquisition of certification via it’s network

Machinery Financial Cooperative (MAFC)
Introduction Machinery Financial Cooperative is an expert institution which grants guarantees in the machinery industry, exclusively taking charge of quality assurance service to machineries, parts, materials and industrial utilities, new products of the government and performance approved products
Cooperation Certification Advisory/Education service

QSG (Quality Services Group)
Introduction QUALITY SERVICES GROUP (QSG) is A private Egyptian corporation (join stock firm) established in 1997 gaining remarkable market share in Egypt and the Middle East, QSG is a certified body in inspection activities, expediting, appraisal, assets valuation, assets damage valuation, technical training, and consultancy in Egypt and Middle East.
Cooperation ASME Authorized Inspection Service and Third Party Inspection Services to Middle East region, Arab gulf and the Africa continent in addition to Cyprus, Greece, and turkey
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